Keep it Simple

It’s true that keeping it simple is the best way to keep your Social Media ticking over.

Your mind might be full of so many ideas about how you want things run & what you want to post about but it’s best to have a strategic plan & take it slowly & simply.

If you have a store that specializes in vintage items, you may want to have a plan that uses each day of the week for a certain item that you sell.

Monday – Shoes

Tuesday – Skirts

You see where I am going here. Your customers or page fans would prefer to see quality content other than quantity.

It’s said that you have about 8 seconds to catch someones attention. If they don’t like what they see or are too confused at your postings then you have lost them. Yep the are moving right along to the next shop that sells the same goods but has their stuff in order.

Don’t worry. If you have a cluttered feed of stuff just everywhere this can be managed. Don’t just throw it all in and give up.

Hire someone to help you, outsource this extra work. If you are trying to run this all by yourself it can get too much and stress doesn’t help anyone.

I run a business that can help with this from home & take that extra worry away from you, allowing you to concentrate of other important functions of your business.

Contact me for a quote.




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