Sharing is Caring

I just love the social nature of Facebook & Instagram. It’s like your hanging out with friends and just sharing what’s been happening in your week and looking at each others photo’s.

Getting out there and getting social & sharing is the nature of business these days isn’t it?

A picture that you share in Australia can be seen instantly in Canada. This is amazing. Now just imagine if that picture is of a product that you sell and that person on Canada just breathes a sigh of relief and says “At last”. You never know how long they have been looking for what you sell. Can you imagine if you hadn’t posted that picture? You wouldn’t have made that connection and you wouldn’t have given that particular person the missing puzzle piece to their life / Job / Craft masterpiece.

Why wouldn’t you want to share on Facebook? I understand that some people seriously overshare (now that’s a whole different story) but if you  have that one thing that someone is looking for why not post it and help them to find you.

Does this seem like too much for you to figure out? Then let me help you.

I am a Social Media Specialist & this is where I shine.

Contact me & lets get you out there & social.

create own opportunities


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