How do I caption my FB post?

Do you have great pictures to post but are always stuck on how to caption them?

Look at your posts as being a one on one conversation. Your content should speak TO your  clients not AT them.

Act as though you are have a conversation with a friend. Use language that you do normally. For example if you have an awesome winter jacket fresh into stock & you are posting about it & you caption it “Wow just look at the jacket. Doesn’t it look fantastic”, stop & think. Do I really ever talk like this? If not then stop using language like this. Use your language. Try something like “Guys check this out. I have just found you the best Winter Jacket ever !!” Do you see what I mean???

I know that it can be hard as you are trying to be professional but you also need to be authentic to you too. People are attracted to you first.

I hope this helps you with your posting.

If you are having trouble with your Social Media posting, I am here to help.

Contact me for help & we can discuss your needs & how I can help you out.




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