Should I advertise?

Facebook says that it is free and always will be but now that it is on the Stock-market it needs to have something to show Shareholders. This is where their advertising or boosting posts on Facebook comes in.

Have you ever thought about boosting a post? Well I have and it wasn’t scary at all. I boosted 1 post for 1 week at the cost of $25USD and I made 509 new fans on my MLM business page

All businesses need some sort of advertising. It’s a reality. I mean how else is anyone going to find you.

You can tailor you post to countries, sex, age & interests. Play around with it and see what happens. Your advert can always be edited even when it is running. If it’s not working stop it & change it. If it’s working really well then extend the run time. You aren’t contracted to anything. This is your account & your money.

Need help???? Contact me for a discussion on what you need.

I am here to help



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