How to gain interaction

Are you busily scheduling your business page posts? Are you thinking that they are amazing but no-one is interacting with you?

Me too. I thought that what I was posting was the most awesome stuff that anyone had ever seen but this wasn’t the case.

First of all I was posting at weird times and nobody was even seeing my content. I have learned that using the insights on your Facebook page will give you the best times that your fans are online. Using this gives your posts more views.

Posting at the right times is not the be all & end all of everything for your Facebook page. If no-one is interacting are you asking the right questions? Are you even asking questions at all? How is anyone supposed to interact if you aren’t asking them anything !!!!!

Seems obvious doesn’t it but it’s not really. I was happily posting videos, testimonials & before & after photos but no-one was reacting or talking to me.

Some ideas of posts for your fans to interact with you are:

Type a sentence and leave a blank space for your followers to fill in like:

Fill in the blank: ________________ always makes me feel flattered.


Given them a multiple choice question like:

Ninjas or Pirates?

Play around with these ideas & see what people react to. There are so many ideas that you could use and once you start looking a little outside the box you have more content to share & schedule.

Remember if you are looking for someone to look after your Social Media posting and account management, I am here to help. Send me a message to discuss your needs.




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