Do Not Do this……..Please

There are many things that we all do on our Social Media that we think are great. Sharing our personal “Stuff” is what it’s all about right???? Well yeah it is but there are some things that really do not need to be seen. Sometimes you’re just going to have sit back & think about what you are posting before your hit “Post”.

If your Facebook feed is definitely for your own private use 100% then who am I really to say what you can out on there but and I mean BUT !!!!!!! if your Facebook / Instagram & alike are tied to your business please do not post about these things listed below:

  • Your latest gripe. If you have a bone to pick with someone it may be best to take that up with them in private. Posting your complaining and the latest thing he or she said or did to you all over your Facebook page is something that your customers are not looking for and a great way for them to “Unlike” you.
  • Don’t slam your competition. It is not the done thing to discredit another business. This is distasteful & will put cracks in your credibility so quickly that your customers will be turned off of your site.
  • Try not to over post. I know that you might just have so many things you want to tell your customers about but if you are posting too many things at once your customers will get bored and scroll straight on past you.
  • On the other hand don’t under post. If you are posting less than 1 time per week it’s hard to keep people’s interest in you. There isn’t enough content for them to interact with.
  • Don’t over sell. How many times have you sat in front of someone who is using the “sales(y)” pitch and your eyes just glaze over and you start thinking about cooking dinner? Try to genuine & authentic with your approach. The personable you are the better the response is from your audience.

I hope that this has been helpful & given you some tips for your Social Media posting.

Don’t forget, if you are needing help with your Social Media planning & content, to contact me for a discussion about your needs and how I can help you



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