Don’t ignore your followers

After all the work that you have put into your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites you don’t want to ignore your followers.

Leaving a comment or question unanswered or action-ed shows them that you aren’t interested in what they have to say & that you were just after the numbers to show on your page.

Sometimes I know that this can be time-consuming and you may be having an extremely busy day but just try to think of the bigger picture. Without your followers you have no business.

If you least busy time is at 11pm when you are in bed doing your casual self-indulgent scroll on your phone, the use this time to comment or thank your fans. It’s the little things that count and make your followers feel special & acknowledged.

1 tip I will give you is – Don’t become a serial commenter. By this I mean don’t just say the same thing over & over eg: Thanks or Cheers. Try to use a little bit of personality with your interaction. Your followers are people too and like to know that they aren’t being spoken to by a “bot”. The personal touch can help and boost your reputation among your fans and their friends.



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