5 MLM Beginner Tips

If your reading this post then I’d say that you have joined a Direct Sales or MLM company that has the most awesome products that you connect with on a personal level, but you aren’t sure how to market this in the real world.

I was the same and still am in a way. Everything changes so fast and there are so many people vying for your attention and telling you that their program is the best and you can make it to their level if you hand over $$$$$. Not all these are true & you may waste some money trying these out.

MLM is hard work and persistence is the key.

Lets start at the beginning though and see if we can calm your brain down a bit and get you started.

1 – Share your story

Everyone has a story about why they joined the company that they are with. Share this story when you are talking about your business. People connect with the human element & can relate to personal stories. Maybe they are in the same position as you and your story resonates with them right at that moment & they are then on board with you.

2 – Business Belief

Always be passionate, bold & authentic about your business. Don’t focus on the negative and strive to get better with every day. Being fake or vague with your business will only turn people off and turn people away from you. If you are giving out negative vibrations then you only attract negativity.

3 – Find a mentor

Finding a business mentor is an essential step. If you have no-one to follow you will be lost & lack direction. Your mentor & you don’t have to meet physically. You can use Eric Worre or Neil Patel, it doesn’t really matter. Read their material & follow their steps. They offer so much free information. Why not use this to your advantage.

4 – Be Consistent

Just like being in real estate where their mantra is “Location, Location, Location” your MLM mantra should be “Consistency Consistency Consistency”. Your audience will become confused & turn away from you if you are not consistent with your message. Try to stay on topic & spread your message.

5 – Don’t Pre-Judge

Don’t project your beliefs on to your audience. It is not for you to judge what other people can or can’t afford or what they can or cannot find useful. If your product line is high-end and quite pricey this does not mean that your potential customers aren’t going to be able to afford it. It is not your job to advise others that they may not be able to afford something. It is your job/business to promote your company & the products and those that can afford it or want to purchase will flock to you. You will attract your customers by being you and loving the products in your line.

I hope that these tips help you get started & that your business takes off. MLM is a hard business but so rewarding.

Have a great day ❤




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