Easy marketing steps

Here a just a few things that I think will help you with the marketing of your MLM business.

Just posting random thoughts & ideas on your newly set up Facebook business page will confuse your fans and make you look unorganized.

This list is just a few things that you can do right now that will help you streamline your posts and help to target your business to the right audience.

1 – Define your market

Who is your ideal customer? If you aren’t sure who your products are targeted at then you aren’t going to find any customers. Working our who your ideal customer is can take a bit of thinking and brainstorming but once you have a picture of who they are you are able to tailor your marketing to them and make those sales we are all looking for.

2 – Interactive Content

To get your customers to interact with you takes more than just posting good content. If you aren’t asking them a question or their opinion on something then your Facebook page will have little to no interaction.Ask people to share pictures on the topic of choice for the week or play games ie. Fill in the blank sentences. Also remember to talk back, no-one likes one-sided conversations.

3 – Follow fellow business people

If you are following fellow CEO’s business pages, always like and try to comment. Doing this shows your interest in their field and their fans will see your interaction & knowledge which in turn attracts them to your page.

4 – Create curiosity

If you can learn how to make people curious about what you are doing you won’t have to spam their inbox your page with your links. People are curious and always love to follow an easy path. Keep your information top quality & interesting and this will attract people to you.

Stay tuned for more steps.

Have an awesome & productive day ❤


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