Sometimes it’s not the products, it’s actually you

I understand the frustration that we all get in the Network Marketing profession when we see others “Making” it and we are still right where we started. Don’t lose hope and jump from company to company. It’s not the products. If it was why did you join to start with?

If you are in a company and not making any sales or you don’t have any team members don’t feel down and think “Oh it must be my products that are the issue”. I can tell you that this isn’t your issue.

You joined your company because you like the products right???? YES!!!! If this is so then why all of a sudden are the products the issue? They aren’t it’s possibly YOU!!! Yep sorry to say so but it’s YOU. Now don’t get me wrong you are totally awesome and just totally great. What I mean is you just aren’t looking at this from the right angle.

Network Marketing isn’t all about sales of the fabulous products you have it’s about sharing the opportunity also. If you are focused on the selling you just hit brick walls all the time. People don’t like being sold to. By all means show your products but also show what results you can get from the products and the opportunity that exists within your company for people to join & share the company with others.

Plug into training with your company or if you can’t find what you are looking for there look around. Find a site that you like that has Podcasts you can listen to. Read Books. Listen to Audio books and then put into action what you are learning from the top people in this profession.

So in short – The products are not the issue. The products work and you know this you just have to look at the opportunity as your pitch.

Don’t SELL to people SHARE with people.


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