Your skin & TEWL

Have you ever heard of Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL)?

Well it is a measure of the amount of water that passes from inside your body to the outside via the epidermis, your skins top most layer. This is a continual loss via diffusion & evaporation and is not something that can be stopped. Scars & cuts in your skin’s surface can also increase TEWL.

When skin is dry it feels & looks unhealthy so it’s important to try to minimize TEWL.

Use of a good sunscreen, humidifiers in dry climates, mild cleansers and moisturizers that contain humectants (a substance, especially a skin lotion or a food additive, used to reduce the loss of moisture) can aid in water loss.

All day our skin works hard to protect us from the constant attack from the elements but while you are sleeping it switches to recovery. Nighttime recovery can actually be up to 3 times faster than during the day.

A suite of fabulous skin care products that compliment each other can assist in reducing your TEWL. This is where Nucerity comes in to play with easy to use products.

Please check out the following link from my Facebook business page about Skincerity. This product is hand down the best thing I have ever come across and I recommend it to everyone I know as it can genuinely assist you & your TEWL.

There are also other products in the Nucerity line and one that also contains a great humectant is Rejuvenating Barrier. This product contains Sodium Hyaluronate which is smaller than hyaluronic acid and is able to move more freely into the deeper layers of the skin. This is an advantage since sodium hyaluronate is a powerful humectant that attracts and holds on to water, making it the ultimate skin moisturizer.

Rejuvenating Barrier quickly saturates the skin, leaving a smooth, satin finish, which also makes it the perfect hydrating product to use under makeup for even application.

For more information or if you have any queries please contact me & I’ll be happy to chat to you.


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