Who am I?

I’m Melanie but I prefer to be called Mel. I am based in Kwinana, Western Australia. It’s pretty industrial here but the beach is about a 10 minute drive from my house so that’s a pretty good trade-off I think. I am in my 40’s and have been working in admin for over 20 years. I figure if I am good at doing admin for other people at their workplace as a staff member then why not do this as my own business.
Hiring a trustworthy Virtual Assistant

Sometimes it can take a leap of faith to hire a VA. The person you hire will be someone who has access to parts of your life & workplace & putting your trust in them is serious business and should not to be taken lightly.  This relationship must have trust and understanding.  It’s a choice that must be taken seriously.




Why be a VA (Virtual Assistant)?

Being a VA gives you a chance to be flexible in your life & also gives you’re a chance to help organize others to achieve the same! Being able to work where there is free WIFI is just about the best feeling.  VA’s can also be a cheaper option to calling in a temp or contract worker.

How do you use your or our time so efficiently?

Running your own business makes you acutely aware of being time savvy & totally organized. If procedures are not in place then things fall apart really quickly.  Work life, Personal life & Free time are managed well so that they all play together nicely.




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